CRISTAL A.B. is an architecture limited company whose main shareholder is BESSEAS Xuerong (Amandine), architect DPLG. After many years of liberal and a strong expansion, Amandine BESSEAS decided to create the architecture limited company SARL CRISTAL AB in November 2006.

The areas of intervention of CRISTAL A.B. are varied:

  • Design and monitoring work for the construction of new buildings: houses, apartments, offices, tertiary, industrial buildings…
  • Design at the detail of the interior of buildings: restyling shops, interior design of houses and apartement, entrance hall offices…
  • Extension, rehabilitation and renovation of rental housing or owners
    Transformation of premises
  • Evaluating the state of existing buildings following the law Carrez
  • Establishment of the descriptive division for the preparation or amendment of regulations condominiums
  • Advice work before an acquisition
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This list is not exhaustive. Depending on the needs, CRISTAL A.B. provides advice and accompanies clients to develop a program and a project, designing an interior decoration and produces applications for permission to urban (permit to construct, equip…). The owner can feel able to follow the work itself if the books are not very complicated. Beyond certain size, it is better that an operation is conducted by a professional. Because during a performance of work, the problems encountered can be proved the technical, legal and aesthetics.

Agence architecture Loire 42

CRISTAL A.B. has acquired many years of experience with different companies and consulting firms. It is quite within its competence to lead an operation for construction or rehabilitation of beginning to the reception site.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project or simply if you need a piece of advice before making any important decision. Estimates are free without moving. The quote with displacement may be charged but obviously gives rise to initial advice on the spot. These expenses are deductible of the fees if we realize the project together.